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Reading Comprehension

Featuring free Reading Comprehensionreading comprehension worksheets for teachers and parents to copy for their kids. They include original stories, poems, essays, and articles. They are most appropriate for upper elementary through middle school years.

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More than a Halloween theme: Where Monsters Can Grow

Reading Comprehension Volume 12

Published on:

10/26/11Word Meanings From Context

09/22/11All That Glitters

05/20/11Troubling Words


03/13/11From Outer Space

01/31/11Vitamin D

01/12/11Madison and Carson

01/03/11Drawing Conclusions

12/12/10Vocabulary - Context

11/29/10Texting Trolls

11/21/10Vocabulary - Context

11/18/10Vocabulary - Context

11/08/10Feathers and Gas

11/01/10Drawing Conclusions

10/04/10A Lucky Coin

09/26/10Word Meanings From Context

Where Monsters Can Grow

Reading Comprehension Volume 11:

02/24/10Number 10, What Is the Topic?

02/21/10Number 9, Word Meanings From Context

01/29/10Number 8, Sports Quotes

01/26/10Number 7, Quotations

01/22/10Number 6, Quotations

01/09/10Number 5, Quotes of Martin Luther King, Jr.

01/05/10Number 4, Thought Provoking Words

12/18/09Number 3, The New Domino's Arrives

12/11/09Number 2, Poetry by Tennyson

11/02/09Number 1, Science News

Reading Comprehension Volume 10:

11/21/08Number 1, Word Meanings From Context

Reading Comprehension Volume 9:

10/13/04Number 2, Word Meanings From Context

09/10/04Number 1, Word Meanings From Context

Reading Comprehension Volume 8:

09/15/03Number 4, Mr. El and the Princess

04/08/03Number 3, I Build Walls

03/05/03Number 2, The Leader

11/15/02Number 1, Half-Truths

A Tribute to Parents: Thank You Sincerely

Reading Comprehension Volume 7:

03/25/02Number 5, Pizza and Comprehension

01/15/02Number 4, Dog Face

11/19/01Number 3, Thankful to Know

10/23/01Number 2, Word Meanings From Context

10/16/01Number 1, Our Heritage: American!

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Reading Comprehension Volume 6:

03/05/01Number 16, Word Meanings From Context

01/22/01Number 15, Word Meanings From Context

01/12/00Number 14, Using Context - Antonyms

12/14/00Number 13, All Around the Christmas Tree

12/07/00Number 12, Using Context - Synonyms

11/27/00Number 11, Word Meanings From Context

11/13/00Number 10, Word Meanings From Context

11/06/00Number 9, Who Elects the President?

10/30/00Number 8, How Television Has Changed

10/23/00Number 7, Contributing to the Main Idea

10/16/00Number 6, Political Polls

10/10/00Number 5, Did I Ever Stop?, Poem

10/02/00Number 4, Main Idea

09/25/00Number 3, Using Inference

09/18/00Number 2, Word Meanings From Context

09/11/00Number 1, A Little Advice



Reading Comprehension, Volume 5:

06/05/00Number 32, Word Meanings From Context

05/22/00Number 31, The Painting

05/15/00Number 30, Word Meanings From Context

05/08/00Number 29, Charity, Poem

05/01/00Number 28, Word Meanings From Context

04/24/00Number 27, Mysteries

04/03/00Number 26, As I Awake, Poem

03/27/00Number 25, Democracy and Freedom

03/20/00Number 24, Modest Requirements

03/13/00Number 23, Martin's St. Patrick's Day

03/06/00Number 22, Word Meanings From Context

02/28/00Number 21, Word Meanings From Context

02/14/00Number 20, Word Meanings From Context

02/07/00Number 19, You, Poem

01/31/00Number 18, Word Meanings in Context - Antonyms

01/24/00Number 17, Winter Heat

01/18/00Number 16, Word Meanings From Context - Synonyms

01/10/00Number 15, Word Meanings From Context

01/03/00Number 14, The Presidential Campaign

12/05/99Number 13, Memories, Poem

11/29/99Number 12, Word Meanings From Context

11/15/99Number 11, Campaign Finance Reform

11/08/99Number 10, Simple Math

11/01/99Number 9, Fashion Blues

10/25/99Number 8, Word Meanings From Context

10/18/99Number 7, Thank You Sincerely, Poem

10/12/99Number 6, Treasure, Part IV

10/04/99Number 5, Treasure, Part III

09/27/99Number 4, Treasure, Part II

09/20/99Number 3, Treasure, Part I

09/13/99Number 2, Word Meanings From Context

09/07/99Number 1, The Idea

Reading Comprehension, Volumes 1 - 4

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