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Reading Comprehension
Volume 6, Number 5, October 10, 2000

Did I Ever Stop?

Did I ever stop to make you smile
When your day was hard or your road was long?
When your light stopped shining for a while,
Did I sing for you a happy song?

Did I ever try to make you laugh
When your eyes held tears and you couldn’t speak?
When your world seemed almost torn in half,
Did I hold your hand or kiss your cheek?

Did I ever pause to hear your voice
When you needed just a moment’s ear?
When you’d lost your way or missed a choice,
Did I let you know that I was near?

Did I ever stop to say I care
When I didn’t seek to hear it too?
When you weren’t so sure that I’d be there,
Did I ever show my love for you?RHL

For Discussion: The same poem can have different meanings to different readers.

1. When you read or listen to this poem, who do you think the author is addressing?

2. In your own words, what is this poem about?

3. Does the poem make you think of any experience from your own life?

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