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Reading Comprehension
Volume 6, Number 10, November 13, 2000

Word Meanings From Context


1. If you count all the votes in an area that heavily supports candidate A, and only some of the votes in an area that heavily supports candidate B, you’ll skew the results in favor of candidate A.

What does “skew” mean?

a. roast
b. ignore
c. slant
d. ask


2. The home team made sure that the officials were on their side. They won a close game and the championship with many questionable decisions from the officials. However, no one from any other town would accept the winners as legitimate champions.

What does “legitimate” mean?

a. real
b. talented
c. sneaky
d. good looking




3. Some people believe that lawyers are always working to see that justice is done. On the other hand, some believe that lawyers only want to manipulate the legal system to get what they want. Could both sides be right?

What does “manipulate” mean?

a. control in a dishonest way
b. give help
c. teach about or explain
d. disagree with


4. Both sides battled for years. They were very far apart and could find no way to make a lasting peace. When the fighting finally came to an end, everyone was exhausted and embittered.

What does embittered mean?

a. very angry, resentful
b. sour tasting
c. humorous
d. annoyed


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