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Reading Comprehension
Volume 5, Number 20, February 14, 2000

Word Meanings From Context


1. Your uncle wouldn’t even part with a dime to help the kids pay for their trip. That’s just one more example of his penurious ways. In contrast, many people who have much less money have donated a great deal to the cause.

What does “penurious” mean?

a. very old
b. very wealthy
c. very humorous
d. very stingy


2. There is a very interesting article about solar storms in the February 14, 2000 issue of Time magazine. It tells about how these disturbances not only affect spacecraft, but can also disrupt terrestrial life. For example, they have even caused automatic garage doors to open in one town.

What does “terrestrial” mean?

a. of or on the planet Earth
b. protective of automotive equipment
c. solar
d. in or near a pond


3. “Michelle, I’m very upset about what you said,” Rosie stated firmly. “You didn’t come right out and accuse me of eating all your candy. On the other hand, your remarks about my love of chocolate were made for a reason. You are insinuating that I’m the candy thief!”

What does “insinuate” mean?

a. to keep something hot or cold
b. to suggest without clearly saying
c. to do something evil
d. to protect from disease


4. I think it would help our basketball team, if we allowed girls to play. I’ve seen how Patty has a knack for making the tough shots when they’re needed most. She wants to play on our team and we’d win more games with her help.

What does “knack” mean?

a. to throw or toss
b. a hard punch
c. a kind of sports bag
d. an ability



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