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Do you want to keep up with the latest research and discoveries in science? There are many good websites that you can visit to make that easy.

One great site is called Science News for Kids. This site reports science news covering a wide range of subjects. The articles are written with the interests and educational experience of younger readers in mind, but adults will find this site suitable for them as well.

1. The author believes that adults _______

a. won't understand a site for kids.
b. will find Science News for Kids useful.
c. don't like science as much as kids.

Another wonderful site, one that I check out every day, is called Science Daily. The site is constantly updated with news, often about exciting findings that change how we look at the world and the universe. Whether it's newly unearthed discoveries about creatures that have been extinct for millions of years or the latest advances in cures for human diseases, you'll find it at Science Daily.

2. What does “daily” mean?

a. never at night
b. only for scientists
c. every day

3. What does “unearthed” mean in the paragraph?

a. dug up
b. from another planet
c. shot into space

These sites post stories as they become news and also archive all the past articles. That way you can enter a search term and find articles on just about anything related to science that they've ever published.

4. What does “archive” (AR-kive) mean?

a. a nest in a boat
b read carefully
c. keep in a safe place

If you haven't done so already, why not visit these fascinating sites and see what you think? You can find them at http://www.sciencenewsforkids.org/ and http://www.sciencedaily.com/.




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