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Reading Comprehension
Volume 5, Number 8, October 25, 1999

Word Meanings From Context

Use the context to help you choose the correct meaning of each underlined word.


1. The signal from the cable is too strong for our television. We’ll have to use a filter to attenuate it.

When you attenuate something, you _______________.

a. watch it carefully
b. take good care of it
c. make it be less
d. get past it


2. “If you knew the gravity of the situation, you wouldn’t be laughing,” Mr. Farmer said quietly. He didn’t have to say more to get everyone’s attention.

What does “gravity” mean in this context?

a. a force that draws different objects toward each other
b. seriousness
c. humor
d. enjoyable, or comfortable


3. Her cardinal rule is this: Be kind to others! She believes that everything else in life will fall properly into place if one follows that rule.

What does “cardinal” mean in this context?

a. main, or most important
b. red
c. like a bird
d. not worth remembering


4. The owner of the restaurant wouldn’t allow Samantha to walk through the door. “I’m sorry,” she said, “but you started a food fight the last time you were here. You may not have ingress to my restaurant!”

What does “ingress” mean in this selection?

a. a kind of bird that lives by the sea
b. any food that can be thrown
c. a good price for a meal
d. the right to enter




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