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Word Meanings From Context

Use the context to help you determine the meaning of each highlighted word.


1.Fortunately, the dizzy spell was transient. He was able to continue playing within seconds and had no trouble winning the match.

When you describe an event as “transient,” you are saying that __________.

a. it sounds like a train
b. it is quite harmful
c. it helps you win
d. it doesn't last long

2. Brea and Elizabeth are having a dispute over which radio station to play at work. It would be so much simpler if they both liked the same kind of music.

A dispute is a __________.

a. musical instrument
b. choice of music
c. discovery
d. disagreement

3. When they heard the good news about the court’s decision, the angry crowd cheered and then began to disperse. “It looks like everyone is going home,” one reporter stated.

Which would be the opposite of “disperse”?

a. come together
b. smile
c. fly like a bird
d. sing

4. It’s a wonder to me how anyone can still be undecided about this election. These two candidates are certainly distinct. Each would lead our nation in opposite directions.

What does distinct mean?

a. needing a bath
b. dishonest
c. clearly different
d. about the same age




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