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Reading Comprehension
Volume 5, Number 4, September 27, 1999

Treasure, Part II

It was a warm and sunny autumn day: a perfect time to spend the last half of the lunch hour on the playground. Many of the students at Troll Knoll School were enjoying recess. Others were still in the cafeteria. Trogmire Troll and his friends were among those who were enjoying play time.
Troubled Troll was “it” in a friendly game of Simon Screams. “Simon screams,” he screamed, “eat dirt!”
Trogmire Troll, Tremor Troll, Tantrum Troll, and Truman Troll all pretended to eat dirt. They were too stuffed from lunch to really eat any dirt.
“Simon screams,” Troubled continued with a wicked grin, “Trogmire has a girlfriend!”
There was a lot of laughter. Trogmire Troll was not laughing, however.
“I quit this stupid game!” Trogmire announced. He stalked away, heading toward the school. At that very moment, Treasure Troll walked out of the building. She was with her friends, Trivia Troll and Truffle Troll, but her eyes were focused only on Trogmire.
Treasure held a small folded piece of paper in her hand. Trogmire attempted to walk past her without acknowledging that he even noticed her. “Hi, Trogmire,” Treasure said, and she reached out to give him the paper.
Trogmire refused to accept the offering. He kicked the ground, spraying sand all over Treasure’s pink dress. “Stay away from me, you dumb girl!” he yelled.
Trogmire would have been satisfied if Treasure had kicked sand back at him. It would have been fine if she had called him any bad name in the world. Trogmire would have felt lucky if Treasure hated him. But this did not appear to be Trogmire Troll’s lucky day.
Treasure Troll brushed the sand off her dress. She stood quietly for a few seconds and looked at Trogmire. There was no expression of hatred or even anger. She just stared at him with eyes that showed only sadness and disappointment. Without saying a word, Treasure turned around and walked back toward the school. She paused and dropped the rejected paper into a large trash can that stood by the door.
Trogmire watched as she disappeared through the doorway. He was confused, and not even sure how he felt. Suddenly, he noticed someone standing by his side with a great big smile on a less than friendly face. Oh no, it was Tattle Troll! Trogmire had just made Tattle’s day.


For Essay or Discussion:

1. Do you think that Treasure’s opinion of Trogmire was changed by what happened? Explain, citing examples from the story.

2. Do you think that Trogmire felt good about how he treated Treasure? Explain, being sure to refer to examples from the story.

3. What events do you think will occur in the next part of the story? Explain the reasoning behind your predictions.


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