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Reading Comprehension
Volume 5, Number 1, September 7, 1999

Read the selection without stopping to choose the correct missing words. Then read it again, pausing to underline the correct words. Finally, read the selection again to see if it makes sense.

The Idea

Andy Wasnick loved the idea. Mary Arthur __1__ it. Kurt Mendez didn’t think it was any big deal. Mr. El thought it was a brilliant idea. After all, it was __2__ idea.
“It’s only fair,” Mr. El explained to his new fourth graders as they stood in line waiting for the lunch bell to ring, “that we turn things around. Every year you guys line up in alphabetical __3__. Alphabetical order to go to lunch, to go to gym, to go home, and so on. This __4__ we’re using reverse alphabetical order.”
Mindy Vale put her hand down as Mr. El pointed to her. “I’ve always had to stand at the __5__ of the line, ever since __6__! Now I’m near the front. Thank you, thank you!”
The teacher smiled. Then he called on Christopher Cash, a serious and thoughtful young man. “Mr. El, I think you should reconsider this policy. This is very drastic and __7__. This could confuse our fragile young minds!”
“Put a lid on it, Chris!” shouted David Tyler.
“We won’t have any outbursts like that, David!” Mr. El said firmly. He turned toward Christopher. “Don’t __8__, Christopher. We only have strong minds in this class.”
“How many of you think this is a good idea?” Mr. El asked. As you would probably __9__, most of the hands that went up were in the __10__ half of the line.



1. heard liked needed hated
2. that no her his
3. letters soup order index
4. way year alphabet is
5. back beginning center winner
6. breakfast kindergarten yesterday tomorrow
7. useful thoughtful unnecessary smart
8. move worry scream speak
9. expect doubt forget review
10. dumb bright angry front


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