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Word Meanings From Context

Use the context to help you choose the best meaning or synonym for each highlighted word.


1. Your plan looks good. I hope it will really work. It’s time to implement it and see if it’s as brilliant as you claim.

a. instrument
b. take apart
c. change
d. carry out


2. If your plan fails, we’ll have to find someone who can devise a better one.

a. design
b. dislike
c. appliance
d. to use peanut butter as toothpaste


3. Of course, I’m not saying that your plan is no good. I tend to be optimistic, so I won’t be surprised when you succeed.

a. expecting the best to happen
b. needing glasses to see
c. full of gas
d. unselfish


4. When your plan brings us great wealth, you will be rewarded for your sagacity.

a. good looks
b. mistakes
c. intelligence
d. huge appetite for herbs


5. No matter what happens, I assure you that I will not forget how hard you have worked on this project.

a. dare
b. promise
c. act like a donkey
d. forget




Reading Comprehension, Vol. 7, No. 2, October 23, 2001http://rhlschool.comCopyright 2001 RHL

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