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Word Meanings From Context

Use the context to help you determine the meaning of each highlighted word.


1.Your cousin claimed to be late because the doors of his house were frozen shut. Even though I have my doubts, his explanation is plausible. It got really cold last night. I'll just have to take his word for it.

If a statement is plausible,  __________.

a. you must always believe it
b. you should never believe it
c. it's hard to understand because it makes no sense
d. it's believable enough to possibly be true

2. If you don't curtail your spending, you'll be broke in no time at all!

Which word is a synonym of "curtail"?

a. reduce
b. follow
c. behind
d. buy

3. No word must ever leak out about this military action! It has to be a clandestine operation in order to succeed. 

Which word is a synonym of "clandestine"?

a. family
b. useful
c. dangerous
d. secret

4. Put this medicine on your arm and rub it into your skin until it's invisible. It will inhibit the infection's attempt to spread.

What does inhibit mean?

a. live in a certain place
b. block or slow down
c. itch or burn
d. help to do something important




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