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Word Meanings From Context

Use the context to help you choose the best meaning or synonym for each highlighted word.


1. Mr. Huge was very proud of his auto superstore. “We have such an extensive selection of cars,” he said, “so everyone should find a vehicle that he or she will love!”

The word “extensive” means __________.

a. costing a lot of money
b. large amount
c. having no color
d. not enough

2. Friendship is a priceless thing. If Chris put a price, or conditions, on her friendship, it’s no longer priceless. In fact, it’s not real friendship at all!

If something is priceless, __________.

a. it has a missing tag
b. it has no value
c. it has great value
d. it is made out of rice

3. The news story was based on a letter that was a fabrication. Now the reporter who wrote the story is in big trouble. Will anyone believe him again?

A fabrication is __________.

a. made of cloth
b. full of long words
c. funny
d. fake

4. The reporter insisted that the letter he used was authentic. He said that he had shown it to many experts before he used it in his story.

When something is authentic, it’s __________.

a. genuine, or real
b. carefully written
c. full of tasty worms
d. very old

5. In 1975, Governor James promised to do something about the high taxes in our state. She didn’t present a tax cut bill to lawmakers until 1985. It took her a decade to keep her promise, but better late than never.

How long is a decade?

a. 75 years
b. 85 years
c. a century
d. 10 years



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