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Reading Comprehension
Volume 6, Number 15, January 22, 2001

Word Meanings From Context

The United States has a new president. Americans are hopeful that George W. Bush will succeed in dealing with some of the major problems that our nation faces. Some feel that the task will be made extremely difficult by the controversial way that the election ended. Others are very confident that our new leader is a man who will bring people together to get things done.

President Bush’s top priority will be to improve education in our country. He is determined to see that no child will ever fail. He believes that local school districts should decide how to meet national standards. The president insists that parents should have greater choices about which schools their kids attend. He will work hard to find areas of agreement between the opposing parties so that important education reforms will become law.

1. Which word in the selection is a synonym of “important”?

2. Which word in the selection is an antonym of “succeed”?

3. Which word in the selection means to make better?

4. Use a word from the selection to complete the following sentence.

The Giants and the Ravens will be the ___________ teams in the Super Bowl.

5. Which word in the selection is a synonym of “nation”?

6. Which word in the selection means the rank (place in order) of importance?

7. Which word in the selection means having a lot of disagreement.

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