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Reading Comprehension
Volume 6, Number 11, November 27, 2000

Word Meanings From Context


1. Both sides in the election contest are throwing accusations at each other. The Gore supporters claim that Governor Bush is trying to thwart the will of the people. The Bush supporters say that Mr. Gore is trying to create votes or assign choices to people who did not really cast votes for president.

What does “thwart” mean?

a. help
b. figure out
c. block
d. tickle


2. There is a legal battle raging and the judges are concerned that time is running out. Lawyers are being asked to expedite the matter by getting their paperwork in early.

What does “expedite” mean?

a. quicken
b. agree on
c. sue
d. discuss



3. The Florida legislature believes that it has the power to choose the winner of the election if the courts haven’t finished their work by December 12. Both houses are controlled by Republicans and they would surely resolve the matter in Bush’s favor.

What does “resolve” mean?

a. cancel
b. consider
c. debate
d. settle


4. The election could actually end up being decided in the U.S. Congress. Al Gore’s vice presidential running mate, Joe Lieberman, and perhaps Mr. Gore himself, would be able to vote on the matter. Some would argue that they should recuse themselves, but they would probably exercise their right to vote.

What does “recuse” mean?

a. step aside and not be involved
b. admit that you are wrong
c. leave the country
d. insist on being heard


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