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Reading Comprehension
Volume 5, Number 30, May 15, 2000

Word Meanings From Context

Use the context of the selections to choose the correct meanings of the underlined words.


1. Ashlee was not happy with her friend Samantha. “I’ve been waiting here for an hour!” she growled into her cell phone. “You’d better hie yourself over here,” she continued, “or we’ll leave without you.

a. hurry, or hasten
b. stroll, or walk slowly
c. float above the trees
d. greet in an unfriendly manner


2. When Beth and Donna were fighting over a boy who didn’t like either one of them, Shana stepped in as a mediator. She sat them both in a corner and kept them talking to each other. Finally, Shana’s efforts resulted in her two friends making up.

a. troublemaker
b. peacemaker
c. witness
d. competitor


3. No one suspected that Jerry was a spy. On the surface he behaved like any normal citizen. When his covert activity was discovered and announced to the world, we were all shocked.

a. friendly
b. helpful
c. loud
d. hidden


4. The workers stood in front of the factory and wondered what to do next. The doors were locked and the windows were boarded up. They doubted that they would even collect their final pay checks now that the company was insolvent.

a. broke, or out of money
b. hiring new workers
c. changing a name
d. making too much money




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