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Reading Comprehension
Volume 5, Number 3, September 20, 1999

Treasure, Part I

Trogmire Troll was dealing with a crisis. The new girl in class really liked him a lot. Trogmire was not happy about it.
Trogmire’s good friend, Tremor Troll, tried to comfort him. “What’s the big deal? I think Treasure Troll is kind of cute. And she seems to be nice enough.”
Trogmire swallowed his last bite of poison sumac salad and glared at Tremor. “Then why don’t you ask her to be your girlfriend? There she is, sitting all by herself at the other end of the cafeteria. March over there and ask her to be your sweetie-poo!”
“She’s crazy about you, not me,” Tremor replied.
“Well, I don’t want any girlfriend, especially not a weird pesky one like her!” Trogmire growled.
Tremor wouldn’t give up. “The only thing pesky about her is that she keeps writing you those notes and she stares -”
“Yucky love notes!” Trogmire interrupted. He took another sip of mole milk. “Did you notice those strange brown eyes? Why aren’t they normal red or pink?”
Tremor took another look at Treasure. “I think her face is a lovely shade of green. And her dark green curly hair is quite pretty. Besides, she’s very sweet and that’s what really matters.”
Trogmire stuck out his tongue. “I think I’m going to be sick! I’d better save my dessert for later.” He crammed a small bag of Maggot Munchies into his even smaller shirt pocket. “The fact is, I have a problem. That girl is getting on my nerves!”
Tremor followed Trogmire's example and decided to save his dessert for later. However, he carefully placed the bag into his lunch box. “Do you have any ideas about how to solve your problem?” Tremor asked.
“I’m going to be mean and rude to her,” Trogmire announced. “I’ll call her names and make ugly faces at her.”
“That’s how you treat everyone,” Tremor reminded his friend.
Trogmire nodded. “It’s time that Treasure got to know the real Trogmire Troll!”

1. How did Treasure Troll feel about Trogmire Troll?

a. She didn’t like him because he was rude.
b. She was annoyed by his strange appearance.
c. She didn’t have any strong feelings about him.
d. She liked him a lot.

2. How did Trogmire feel about Treasure?

a. He felt annoyed.
b. He enjoyed the attention.
c. He wasn’t aware that she existed.
d. He was crazy about her.

3. Who did Trogmire want for a girlfriend?

a. No one
b. Tremor’s sister
c. Treasure Troll
d. A weird girl from another class

4. Which statement is true?

a. Trogmire pretended to be rude in order to make Treasure stop liking him.
b. Tremor thought that looks were more important than personality.
c. Tremor thought that Treasure was cute.
d. Trogmire offered his dessert to Treasure to make her sick.

For Discussion:

Has someone ever liked you a lot more than you liked him or her?

What did you do about it? What’s the right thing to do?

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