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Reading Comprehension
Volume 5, Number 23, March 13, 2000

Read the selection quickly. Then read it again, pausing to write the best word you can think of to fit in the blank. Then reread the selection one more time to see if it makes sense.

Martin's St. Patrick's Day

Martin always had a great idea for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. He didn’t even have any ancestors from __1__, but that didn’t matter. This holiday invites everyone to be Irish for one day each year.
Last year Martin had gotten his friends and classmates together to form a St. Patrick’s Day __2__. They __3__ up and down the sidewalks of the main streets in town and had a really good time.
Martin decided that this year he would have a small __4__ and invite his closest __5__. Of course, all the food, plates, and cups would be colored __6__. Martin even bought an album of Irish __7__ to play on his stereo.
The one thing Martin wasn’t __8__ about was what kind of __9__ to play at the party. “Who do I know,” Martin asked himself, “that can __10__ me come up with some good games?”






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