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Reading Comprehension
Volume 5, Number 12, November 29, 1999

Word Meanings From Context

Use the context of the selections to choose the correct meanings or synonyms.


1. Prunella and Paula are sisters, but they’re very different. Just look at how they dress. Prunella doesn’t care what she wears. Paula, on the other hand, is quite chic [sheek].

a. intelligent
b. stylish
c. full of feathers
d. dressed in old clothes


2. I looked at the plans for your new house. This is earthquake country. You need to fortify the frame or you’ll have a disaster with the first tremor.

a. shake
b. build
c. strengthen
d. destroy


3. Helen’s attitude toward dealing with criminals has changed over the years. She used to believe that everyone can change and deserves a second chance. She now believes that some crimes are so heinous that those responsible should be shown no mercy.

a. guilty
b. terrible
c. accidental
d. unimportant


4. There may be some parts of my plan to arrest the thieves that should be changed. But I feel very strongly that renting the apartment over their headquarters is the linchpin of the scheme. We must do that immediately!

a. part that everything else depends on
b. piece of metal used to connect things
c. place where people live
d. a computer designed for police work


5. Amy was feeling low. Every business she tried lost money or made only pennies a day. Her newest idea was selling chocolate covered baby shoes. She was convinced that it would be a lucrative business. Her friends tried to warn her that it was not a certain road to riches.

a. tasting great with vanilla ice cream
b. helping young feet to grow correctly
c. showing no careful thought
d. bringing in a lot of money, or profit


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