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Reading Comprehension
Volume 5, Number 16, January 18, 2000

Word Meanings From Context - Synonyms

There is a word printed in italics before each selection. Use the context of each selection to identify and underline the synonym of that word.


1. strange I was really appalled at how Don decorated his new apartment. Almost everything is solid black. When anyone sits on a chair or couch, a scream comes out of a concealed loudspeaker. Don thinks it’s hilarious. I think he has a bizarre sense of humor!


2. religions You’ll almost never win an argument about religion. There are some points where most individuals will agree and many points of disagreement. Of course you can’t agree with every faith, but you can respect people of all creeds.


3. stick This tape you gave me doesn’t work at all! I can’t get a single poster to adhere to the wall. I’m going to have to use my staple gun.


4. smell Patty loves to use an abundant amount of garlic in her cooking. Almost any time you approach her kitchen, the aroma of that famous plant is unmistakable.


5. write Ronald wanted to establish an advantage over the other boys who were all trying to win Mary’s heart. Deciding to inscribe his and Mary’s names on the tree in her front yard turned out to be a blunder. He certainly did not win the affection of her parents.

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