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Reading Comprehension
Volume 5, Number 25, March 27, 2000

Democracy and Freedom

Use the context of the selections to help you choose the correct meaning of each boldfaced word.

1. In a democracy, the people choose their government. In order to make intelligent choices, the people need to know what those who are running the government are doing. They must be able to get news that is not controlled by the government. Newspapers and other news organizations must be able to report all the news. Freedom of the press is a very important part of any democracy.

a. to push
b. a strong forward movement
c. to keep asking
d. news reporting organizations


2. Freedom of speech is just as important as freedom of the press. That means that all citizens should have the right to inform others of what they know and express their opinions. That doesn’t mean being able to lock yourself in a closet and whisper. It means being able to get your thoughts out to as many people as possible. Beware of politicians who want to repress that right.

a. control, or hold down
b. push again
c. fight to protect
d. say again


3. In a free society, people can practice their religious beliefs without fear. They may also elect to belong to no religion at all. Freedom of religion is safest in democratic nations.

a. vote
b. ask
c. find
d. choose


4. In order for people to be able to exercise their rights, they must be able to work together. They must be able to form groups to give strength to their causes. That right is known as freedom of assembly.

a. a concert
b. speaking
c. listening
d. joining together




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