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Reading Comprehension
Volume 5, Number 28, May 1, 2000

Word Meanings From Context

Use the context of the selections to choose the correct meanings of the underlined words.


1. Kim was a very good substitute teacher. She liked working with third and fourth graders most of all. She especially liked discussing important current events issues with the kids. She had expected them to be indifferent to such grown-up topics as taxes and social security. She was pleasantly surprised to discover that they were really interested in those issues and wanted to learn more about them.

a. similar
b. very unusual
c. not caring
d. gross

2. Mr. Burke stood before his employees. They had never seen him in such a serious mood. “I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you that your future with this company depends on how hard you work,” he stated firmly.

a. a girl again
b. honest and trustworthy
c. important
d. not responsible


3. “I am going to rescind the permission I gave you to use my toys!” T. J. announced angrily. “I thought you would take good care of them, but I was wrong!”

a. repeat
b. celebrate
c. continue
d. cancel

4. I am working very hard for the same candidate that you support. You are doing it for pay. I’m not doing this for money. I’m doing it out of conviction.

a. being found guilty
b. strong belief
c. anger
d. a desire to eat prunes



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