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Volumes 5-12


Reading Comprehension, Volume 4:

06/14/99Number 36, The Splat Bug, Part IV

06/07/99Number 35, The Splat Bug, Part III

06/01/99Number 34, The Splat Bug, Part II

05/24/99Number 33, The Splat Bug, Part I

05/17/99Number 32, Word Meanings From Context - Synonyms

05/10/99Number 31, Word Meanings From Context

05/03/99Number 30, Homer T. Cat, Poem

04/26/99Number 29, Word Meanings From Context - Main Idea

04/19/99Number 28, Word Meanings From Context

04/12/99Number 27, Do You Ever Stop to Wonder? Poem

03/29/99Number 26, Spring, Poem

03/22/99Number 25, It's Snow Fun!

03/15/99Number 24, Word Meanings From Context

03/08/99Number 23, Word Meanings From Context

03/01/99Number 22, Free Answers

02/22/99Number 21, Word Meanings From Context

02/08/99Number 20, This Valentine, Poem

02/01/99Number 19, Troll Hearts

01/25/99Number 18, Eggs

01/19/99Number 17, Fish Sticks

01/11/99Number 16, Comparing Opinions

01/04/99Number 15, Tremor's Trembling Terrors

12/14/98Number 14, Word Meanings From Context

12/07/98Number 13, Santa Doesn't Stop There Anymore

11/30/98Number 12, Amy's Political Career, Chapter Four

11/16/98Number 11, Word Meanings From Context

11/09/98Number 10, Word Meanings From Context

11/02/98Number 9, Old Man John, Poem

10/26/98Number 8, Where Monsters Can Grow, Poem

10/19/98Number 7, Amy's Political Career, Chapter Three

10/12/98Number 6, Funny Jokes, Part Three

10/05/98Number 5, Funny Jokes, Part Two


09/28/98Number 4, Funny Jokes, Part One

09/21/98Number 3, Amy's Political Career, Chapter Two

09/14/98Number 2, Amy's Political Career, Chapter One

09/08/98Number 1, Tremor Troll's Campout, A story Starter

Volumes 1-3


Reading Comprehension, Volumes 1-3

Reading Comprehension, Volumes 5-12

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