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Math Problem Solving

Featuring original free math problem solving worksheets for teachers and parents to copy for their kids. Use these free math worksheets for teaching, reinforcement, and review. These math word problems are most appropriate for grades four and five, but many are designed to be challenging and informative to older and more advanced students as well.


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Math Problem Solving, Volume 8:

05/05/03Number 1, Ryan's Class

                          Wayward Paws, Inc.

Math Problem Solving, Volume 7:

03/19/02Number 3, Easter Egg Hunt

10/26/01Number 2, Pumpkin Problems

10/16/01Number 1, Halloween Problems

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Christmas and More


Math Problem Solving, Volume 6:

04/23/01Number 16, Mean Problems

01/22/01Number 15, Mean and Median

01/12/01Number 14, Video Time

12/14/00Number 13, Riddles

12/07/00Number 12, It's Time for Time

11/27/00Number 11, Christmas Problems

11/13/00Number 10, Riddles

11/06/00Number 9, Voting Time

10/30/00Number 8, Halloween Problems

10/23/00Number 7, Pumpkin Problems

10/16/00Number 6, Halloween Problems

10/10/00Number 5, Riddles

10/02/00Number 4, Riddles

09/25/00Number 3, A Presidential Election Poll

09/18/00Number 2, Place Value - Mystery Numbers

09/11/00Number 1, Big Numbers



Math Problem Solving, Volume 5:

06/05/00Number 32, Math Crossword Puzzle

05/22/00Number 31, Perimeter and Area

05/15/00Number 30, Assorted Problems

05/08/00Number 29, Which Are Possible?

05/01/00Number 28, Which Is Possible?

04/24/00Number 27, Which Is Impossible?

04/03/00Number 26, Riddles

03/27/00Number 25, Consider the Possibilities

03/20/00Number 24, Statistics and the Truth

03/13/00Number 23, Patterns

03/06/00Number 22, Patterns

02/28/00Number 21, Patterns

02/14/00Number 20, The Will of the People

02/07/00Number 19, Amanda's Valentine's Day Party

01/31/00Number 18, The Code

01/24/00Number 17, Fraction Riddles

01/18/00Number 16, Percentages

01/10/00Number 15, Multiple Riddles

01/03/00Number 14, After Christmas Specials

12/06/99Number 13, Cool Riddles

11/29/99Number 12, Riddles

11/15/99Number 11, Average Thanksgiving Dinners

11/08/99Number 10, Squared Riddles

11/01/99Number 9, More Rounding Riddles

10/25/99Number 8, Rounding Riddles

10/18/99Number 7, How Can You Solve It?

10/12/99Number 6, Halloween Scene

10/04/99Number 5, Using Like Fractions

09/27/99Number 4, Like Fractions

09/20/99Number 3, Assorted Problems

09/13/99Number 2, Place Value and Palindrome Riddles

09/07/99Number 1, Riddles

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Mathematics Problem Solving, Volumes 1 - 4


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