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Mathematics Problem Solving
Volume 5, Number 25, March 27, 2000

Consider the Possibilities

1. The Community Helpers Club never misses a weekly meeting. What is the greatest number of meetings that the club could have in March? What is the least number?


2. Brittany bought a half gallon of Mustard Mania Ice Cream at the local supermarket. The cost was $4.28 cents. She paid for it with a five dollar bill. What was the greatest number of coins she could have received as the proper change? What is the least number?


3. All we know for sure is that Elton ate an average of 2 hamburgers a day in January. What is the greatest possible number of hamburgers that he might have eaten on January 15?


4. Seth baked a cherry pie. He claims that he ate 1/2 of the pie, Julie ate 2/8 of the pie, and Anthony ate 25/100 of the pie. Is that possible?

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