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Pumpkin Problems


1. Paula Pumpkin is heavier than Peter Pumpkin. Patrick Pumpkin weighs less than Peter Pumpkin. Which of the following statements is NOT true?

a. Paula Pumpkin weighs more than Patrick Pumpkin.
b. Peter Pumpkin weighs less than Paula Pumpkin.
c. Patrick Pumpkin weighs more than Paula Pumpkin.

2. Pretty Pammy Perry prepared twenty perfect pumpkin pies. She placed one half of them in a package and put the rest of them in her car. She drove the pies in her car to Pittsburgh. She sold half of those pies and ate the rest of them. How many pumpkin pies did pretty Pammy Perry eat?

3. Ryan had 74 pumpkin seeds. He put as many seeds as possible into eight bags, being careful to make sure that each bag had the same number of seeds. He could not put _______ seeds into the bags.

4. There are 5,097 pumpkins in Gwen’s pumpkin patch. There are 7,000 pumpkins in Andy’s pumpkin patch. How can we figure out how many more pumpkins are in Andy’s pumpkin patch than in Gwen’s?

a. It’s impossible to calculate from the given information.
b. Add 5,097 and 7,000.
c. Multiply 5,097 by 7,000.
d. Subtract 5,097 from 7,000.

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