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Mathematics Problem Solving
Volume 6, Number 16, April 23, 2001

Mean Problems


Remember, mean = average.


1. Sandra is playing in a tennis doubles tournament. The rules say that the average age of the pair of players on each side must be ten years old or younger. Sandra is eight years old. Her partner must be _____ years old or younger.


2. Juan has played in four baseball games this season. He struck out an average of twice per game. In the last three games, he didn’t strike out at all. How many times did he strike out in the first game of the season?


3. Jerome took five spelling tests in the last marking period. He scored 100% in all but one. His lowest score was 80%. What was his mean score for the spelling tests in the last marking period?


4. Lucy bought seven pens. Four of the pens cost a dollar each. Three of the pens cost 30 cents each. What was the average cost of each pen?



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