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Mathematics Problem Solving
Volume 6, Number 6, October 16, 2000

Halloween Problems


1. Anita bought eight pounds of Halloween candy for $7.28. Brenda bought half a dozen pounds of the same kind of candy for $5.70. ______________ paid ________ more per pound than ______________.



2. Cassy Witch flies to school every morning on her trusty old broom. She flies at sixteen miles per hour and it takes her half an hour to get there. She flies home at a speed of twenty-four miles per hour. How long does it take her to fly home?



3. Gavan paid $17.00 for his space monster Halloween costume. Brienne paid $15.00 for her ocean creature costume. The next day, both costumes went on sale for 20% (one fifth) off. If they had waited until the sale, the total cost of their costumes would have been __________.



4. All Matt had to do to walk to the top of the haunted stairway was to take thirteen steps. However, his nervousness caused him to do it in a strange way. He kept taking three steps up and one step back. How many steps did he take to reach the top of the stairway?


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