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Mathematics Problem Solving
Volume 6, Number 5, October 10, 2000


1. I am a day of the week. I come right after and right before days that have the same number of letters in their names (English spelling) as each other. What day am I?


2. I am a six digit number. To write me correctly, you must use five zeros. You do not need a decimal point to write me correctly. One of my digits is a two. What number am I?


3. I am a number. I am the product of the number of digits in half a million and the number of years in a decade. What number am I?


4. I am a month of the year. I am not the eighth month, but I used to be. Think of a sea animal with eight arms. Think of a shape with eight sides. It makes sense that my name starts with the same letters. What month am I?

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