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Mathematics Problem Solving
Volume 5, Number 5, October 4, 1999

Using Like Fractions


1. Thomas lives 4/10 of a mile from school. He is walking to school from home and still has 1/10 of a mile to go. How far has he already walked?


2. Thomas will walk home from school this afternoon. How far is the round trip (home to school and back home)?


3. Kathy, Karen, and Richy ordered a pizza to share. By the time Richy came to the table, Kathy had eaten 7/12 of the pizza and Karen had eaten 5/12 of it. How much pizza was left for Richy?


4. Maria asked Sharon to get her a screw that she needed to repair their father’s work bench. “It can’t be any longer than 3/8 of an inch,” she said.

Sharon returned with a screw that was 1/2 inch (4/8 = 1/2) long. Maria was upset because the screw was _______ of an inch too long.


5. Mr. El bought a bag of two dozen Mounds candies. He immediately ate 11 of the candies. What fraction of the bag was left uneaten?


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