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Mathematics Problem Solving
Volume 6, Number 7, October 23, 2000

Pumpkin Problems


1. Ronnie is getting ready for his annual pumpkin sale. He’s set up 30 rows of pumpkins with 125 pumpkins in each row. How can he figure out how many pumpkins that is?

a. Add 125 plus 30.
b. Subtract 30 from 125.
c. Multiply 125 by 30.
d. Divide 125 by 30.

2. Farmer Cheryl expects to sell 5,000 pumpkins at her sale. She is charging seven dollars per pumpkin. How can she figure out the total revenue (money taken in) from the sale?

a. Add five thousand dollars plus seven dollars.
b. Subtract seven dollars from five thousand dollars.
c. Multiply five thousand dollars by seven dollars.
d. Multiply five thousand by seven dollars.

3. Carla bought a pumpkin at the supermarket for $8.99 and sold it to Anthony for $10.99. What was her profit (money she came out ahead)?

a. $2.00
b. $19.98
c. She didn’t make any profit at all.
d. Some unknown amount over twenty dollars.

4. Which is a better price for three pumpkin pies?

a. Three pies for six dollars
b. Two dollars each
c. Buy two pies for three dollars each and get a third pie for free.
d. All of the above deals are the same.

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