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Mathematics Problem Solving
Volume 6, Number 1, September 11, 2000

Big Numbers

1. A million ( 1,000,000) is a thousand thousands. How many $100,000. homes could you buy for a million dollars?


2. Two hundred fifty thousand is __________.

a. a half million
b. two and a half million
c. a quarter million
d. 25 million


3. A billion (1,000,000,000) is a thousand millions. How much money equals half a billion dollars?

a. Five hundred million dollars
b. Five hundred thousand dollars
c. Fifty cents in gold coins
d. Five million dollars


4. Old Man John has 758,000 dollars worth of stocks in his account. All his assets (property that’s worth money) ars in stocks. If his stocks increase in value by ______ dollars, Old Man John will be a millionaire. (A millionaire is someone who has a financial worth of at least one million dollars.)


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