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Mathematics Problem Solving
Volume 5, Number 12, November 29, 1999


The answer to each riddle will be one of the following words:

snow, tree, giving, family, snowman, holiday, present, ornament, decorate


1. I am a word. The number of my letters is half of the square root of 64. None of the letters are the same. I am __________.

2. I am a word. The number of my letters is two squared times the number of digits in seven squared. The number of my vowels is the square root of nine. I am __________.

3. I am a word. To find the number of my letters you can take nine squared, subtract the product of three and seven, and divide what’s left by the square root of 100. There are two of us who could be right, but I come first in alphabetical order. I am __________.

4. I am a word. To know which word I am, you need to know how many letters of the alphabet come before my first letter (in alphabetical order). The number of those letters is the difference between four squared and one squared. I am __________.


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