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Mathematics Problem Solving
Volume 5, Number 13, December 6, 1999

Cool Riddles

All the words referred to in the riddles are from this list:

ice, hat, snow, coat, cold, cool, sleet, freeze, snowman, iceberg, glacier, subzero, blizzard, refrigerator, precipitation


1. I am a word. The number of my letters equals 4% ( 1/25 ) of the number of years in two centuries. I am _______________.

2. I am the number of letters in a word from the list above. There are only two words in the above list that have less letters than that word. I am _______________.

3. I am a word. The number of my letters equals the square root of a gross. A dictionary might help you realize that I am _______________.

4. My name means less than nothing.
(Can that be really so?)
But when you freeze
Just think “degrees”
And then my name you’ll know!

I am _______________.

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