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Mathematics Problem Solving
Volume 5, Number 16, January 18, 2000


1. Eighty percent equals 4/5. Francine got 80% on her last math test. There were five questions. How many questions did she get right?

2. Twenty-five percent equals 1/4. We have a rule that when our Cooking Club members vote on a new rule, at least 25% of the members must be present. There are 18 members in our club. How many members must be present in order for us to have a legal vote?

3. At our last Cooking Club meeting, 50% of the members were present. We voted to have a Valentine’s Day party. Only two members voted against the proposal. How many members voted to have the party?

4. All the students at Reagan Elementary School voted in a poll about school uniforms. Twelve percent were for school uniforms; Seventy-one percent were opposed to the idea. The rest were undecided. __________ percent were undecided.

5. There are 400 students at Reagan Elementary school. Based on the poll, how many of them say that they are in favor of school uniforms?

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