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Mathematics Problem Solving
Volume 5, Number 19, February 7, 2000

Amanda's Valentine's Day Party


1. Amanda is planning on having 24 kids at her Valentine’s Day party, including herself. She invited ten girls. How many boys did she invite?

2. Amanda is going to buy cupcakes for the party. There are a dozen in each box. How many boxes will she need?

3. Amanda’s father says that Amanda must not spend more than $1.75 per person on the party supplies. Amanda has fifty dollars. That means that she should have at least how much money left over after she buys the supplies?

4. One third of the kids at the party will be coming from Amanda’s old neighborhood. How many kids are coming from her old neighborhood?

5. Everyone at the party will bring a Valentine card for everyone else at the party. How many cards is that altogether?



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