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Halloween Problems


1. How many ghosts are in the haunted house? Here are some clues: There are more than the number of days in October. There are less than the product of 7 and 5. The answer is an odd number.

2. Glenda Witch went for a little broom flight on Halloween night. She flew more miles than the number of letters in witch. She flew less miles than the number of letters in “pumpkin.” How many miles did she fly?

3. Sylvester Skeleton went out to frighten the kids on Halloween night. He fell down, and you guessed it, he suffered some broken bones. The doctor said it would take seven weeks for him to heal. In what month would he be healed?


4. There were 24 apples given out to the children at Faith’s Halloween party. Each child got three apples. How many children were at the party?



Math Problem Solving, Vol. 7, No. 1, October 16, 2001http://rhlschool.comCopyright 2001 RHL

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