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Mathematics Problem Solving
Volume 6, Number 4, October 2, 2000



1. I am a number. If you multiply the number of minutes in a day by the number of hours in a week, you will find half my value. I am __________.


2. I am a fraction. They say I am not proper. I may be improper, but I know I’m worth exactly as much as the number seven. My numerator is 21. What fraction am I?


3. I am a season. To find out how many letters are in my name you.......don’t bother; it wouldn’t help at all. It would help to know that the fourth letter in my name is the second letter in the product of one million and one thousand. I am __________.


4. I am a time of the day. I’m in North Carolina when it’s noon in Nevada. I am __________.



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