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Mathematics Problem Solving
Volume 5, Number 2, September 13, 1999

Place Value and Palindrome Riddles


1. I am a three digit number. I am less than 500. I am greater than 200. All my digits are odd. If you take each of my three digits and add them together, they equal 5. What number am I?

2. I am a four digit number. I have a one in my thousands place, and a two in my hundreds place. I am a palindrome. (A palindrome reads the same, forwards and backwards. The words “pop” and “level” are palindromes. The numbers “747" and “842248" are palindromes.) What number am I?

3. I am a palindrome. I am >11 (greater than eleven) and <50 (less than fifty). I am an odd number. What am I?

4. I am also a palindrome. I am greater than the number of days in a year and less than the product of 19 and 20. What number am I?

5. I’m a seven digit number. Six of my digits are zeros. I am the greatest number possible with those characteristics. What number am I?

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