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Mathematics Problem Solving
Volume 5, Number 6, October 12, 1999

Halloween Scene


1. Cassandra Witch was mixing up a caldron of her favorite brew. She needed 104 ounces of lemon flavored bat saliva for the recipe. However, she only had three quarts of the delicious liquid. How much more lemon flavored bat saliva did she need?


2. Diego is buying his Halloween costume. He will either buy a gray dinosaur suit for nine dollars or a green teacup outfit for $ 14.95. How much will he save by buying the less expensive costume?


3. Patty is selling the 180 pumpkins she’s grown. She will charge the same price for each pumpkin. She wants to collect at least 200 dollars from selling them all. How can she figure out the minimum (least) price she needs to charge for each pumpkin?

a. She should subtract $ 180.00 from $ 200.00.
b. She should multiply 180 times $ 200.00.
c. She should divide $ 200.00 by 180.
d. She should divide 200 dollars by 180 dollars.


4. Ryan used up seven bags of candy corn at his Halloween party last year. There were 15 people at that party. This year, there will be 30 people at his Halloween party. What is a reasonable estimate of the number of bags he’ll need for this year’s party?

a. 22
b. 52
c. 37
d. 14


5. Anne is dressing up as a sore throat for Halloween. Her costume will cost $ 43.99. She has a twenty dollar bill, a ten dollar bill, a five dollar bill, and a one dollar bill. She also has a half dollar. How much more money does she need to but the costume?




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