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Mathematics Problem Solving
Volume 6, Number 2, September 18, 2000

Place Value - Mystery Numbers

1. This mystery number has 4 digits. Every digit is an odd number. None of the digits is a 9. Every digit in the number is different. The smallest digit is in the thousands place. The greatest digit is in the ones place. The preceding describes two possible numbers. The mystery number is the greater of those two numbers. What is the mystery number?


2. This mystery number has 5 digits. There is a 4 in the ten thousands place. None of the other digits is a 4. What is the smallest number that this mystery number can be?


3. This mystery number has 6 digits. If you add one to this number it will be a 7 digit number. What is the mystery number?


4. This mystery number is one half of a billion. How many zeros are in this number?


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