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Easter Egg Hunt


1. There are five eggs under Tim’s bed. There are four times as many chocolate eggs as marshmallow eggs. How many marshmallow eggs are under Tim’s bed?

2. Danielle found 23 eggs. She smiled broadly because she had found nine more eggs than Chris. Jennie smiled even more. She had found exactly as many eggs as Chris and Danielle together. How many eggs did Jennie find?

3. Lee Ann is mixing blue dye and yellow dye so that she can have some green eggs. She will use an equal amount of each color (blue and yellow). She has four blue dye tablets and seven yellow dye tablets. Which one of the following statements can you be sure is NOT true.

a. Lee Ann needs more blue tablets to make the green dye.

b. Lee Ann has more yellow tablets than she needs to make the green dye.

c. Lee Ann must get green tablets to make green dye.

d. Lee Ann wants to dye eight eggs.

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