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Mathematics Problem Solving
Volume 5, Number 18, January 31, 2000

The Code

Professor Braintrust had just completed a top secret scientific breakthrough at the time of his disappearance. He left behind a code to enter into his computer that would call up all the information about his work.

The professor left five copies of the code on his desk but he had changed some of the symbols in all but one copy. (He had the computer randomly generate the replacement symbols and pick which symbols to change.) If the wrong code is entered the computer will destroy all the records!

You must decide which copy is probably the correct code!


Copy A: 1 W C 8 5 B 3 Z

Copy B: 3 W C 8 5 B 4 Z

Copy C: 3 W T 9 2 B 4 Z

Copy D: 3 Y C 8 1 B 4 L

Copy E: 3 W C 8 5 Q 4 M

Copy F: 7 N C 6 5 D 2 Z


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