RHL School

Mathematics Problem Solving
Volume 5, Number 30, May 15, 2000

Assorted Problems


1. Brian has fourteen pets. All of his pets are cats and dogs. Brian has four more cats than dogs. How many dogs does he have?

2. Brienne owns four cars. Gavan owns twice as many cars as Brienne. Ashley owns one less car than Gavan. Ashley is buying four new tires for every car she owns. Each tire costs one hundred dollars. How much money will the tires cost altogether?

3. Paul has two dozen carrot cookies. He will eat three cookies on Sunday. On every day that follows, he will eat a number of cookies that is one greater than the day before. On what day will he find that he doesn’t have enough cookies to follow this procedure?

4. Anthony and Carolyn have bug collections. If they combined their collections, they would have a collection of twenty bugs. Which of the following statements could not be true?

a. Carolyn has a dozen bugs.
b. Anthony has eleven bugs.
c. Anthony has one more bug than Carolyn.
d. Carolyn has two more bugs than Anthony.
e. Carolyn has one bug.


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