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Mathematics Problem Solving
Volume 5, Number 3, September 20, 1999

Assorted Problems


1. There are thirteen thousand thirty-three thirsty thinkers thinking of drinking seven hundred seventy-seven salty sodas. They want to drink one salty soda each. How many more salty sodas do they need?

2. Sometimes stunningly small Stephie strains so she can do seventy-six sweaty situps. If she successfully does that each day in September, she will do a lot of sweaty situps. To figure out exactly how many situps she’ll do, you need to __________.

a. Add 76 and 12.
b. Add 76 and 30.
c. Multiply 30 times 76.
d. Multiply 31 times 76.
e. Divide 76 by 31.
f. Subtract 30 from 76.

3. Freddy and Frank fry fabulous fish for Friday’s famous fish fry. Last month, Freddy and Frank faithfully fried flounder for four Fridays. Altogether, they fried 4,544 flounder. On average (as if they fried the exact number each day), how many flounder did Freddy and Frank fry each Friday?

4. There was a young lady named Kay
Who brushed her teeth nine times each day.
Her teeth, they would last,
But toothpaste went fast
With this many brushings in May:

a. 40
b. 279
c. 270
d. 39
e. 229


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