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Mathematics Problem Solving
Volume 6, Number 11, November 27, 2000

Christmas Problems


1. Melody bought four boxes of red and green Christmas tree ornaments. Each box contained a dozen ornaments. There was an average of two broken ornaments in each box. Three of the boxes had only one broken ornament each. How many ornaments were broken in the other box?


2. Melody paid $18.24 in all for the four boxes of ornaments. How much did each box cost?


3. Santa has three eight hour shifts of elves working in his giant workshop every day during the year. No elf is allowed to work more than one shift per day. There are 95,000 elves working at the same time. How many individual elves are working each day?


4. The citizens of the United States may not know who their next president is until January 6, 2001. That would be a late Christmas present for some that would come about _____ weeks after Christmas.



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