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Reading Comprehension
Volume 4, Number 14, December 14, 1998

Word Meanings From Context


You can often figure out what a word means by the way it’s used in the passage. Use the context to help you decide what each highlighted word means.

1. Christmas has become a holiday that is associated more and more with the giving and receiving of gifts. Stores are brightly decorated and shoppers rush around in search of bargains.

a. made into a club
b. ignored
c. connected
d. hidden

2. There are some devout Christians who believe that not enough thought is given to the religious meaning of the holiday. They would like more attention to be paid to Jesus and less to Santa.

a. elderly
b. brave
c. very religious
d. famous

3. Others disagree. They say that unselfishly bestowing presents is a wonderful thing to do. They believe that even people who are not religious can find Christmas to be a very meaningful holiday.

a. hiding
b. receiving
c. borrowing
d. giving

4. Christians are not the only people who have an important holiday at this time of year. The Fast of Ramadan lasts for a whole month, and in 1998 it will begin in late December. It is a time when devout Muslims spend even more time than usual in prayer and reflecting on their beliefs. During daylight hours, they are careful not to eat or drink anything.

a. using a mirror
b. bouncing light
c. thinking
d. changing

5. Members of the Jewish faith will be celebrating Chanukah. Some people erroneously call Chanukah the Jewish Christmas. The mistake may arise from the fact that the holiday is associated with lights and gifts, and usually occurs at about the same time of year.

a. wrongly
b. correctly
c. happily
d. often


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