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Reading Comprehension
Volume 4, Number 25, March 22, 1999

It's Snow Fun!


Whoooosh, Splat! Tantrum Troll never saw the snowball coming and never had a chance to duck before it hit the back of his head.
“Yaaaahhh!” he screamed. He fell backwards to the ground and began waving his arms over his head. He turned over and began beating the ground with his fists.
“I wish he had just thrown a snowball back at me,” Trogmire Troll stated in a calm manner that was in total contrast to Tantrum’s response.
Tremor Troll frowned. “What you did was sneaky,” he commented. “He has a right to be upset!”
Trogmire sat on the ground and folded his arms. “We’ll just have to wait for this tantrum to end. I certainly didn’t try to hurt him,” he protested. “I even made sure there was no ice in the snowball!”
Troubled Troll had been watching the whole episode with disgust. “I think you were very considerate. I would have made sure there was some hard ice in the ball if I had thrown it!”
“That’s no way to treat a friend,” Tremor declared, “or anyone else for that matter.”
“Well don’t forget that I didn’t throw any snowball at Tantrum!” Troubled replied.
By this time, Tantrum had made a very impressive imprint on the snowy ground. He stood up and smiled. “I feel better now,” he said, “but I can’t remember what I was mad about.”
Tantrum’s three friends stared at him in amazement.
Troubled Troll flashed a very rare smile. “Tantrum, I think you’re more ‘troubled’ than I am!”


1. The title of this story was fashioned to sound almost exactly like _______________.

a. A Snow Ball!
b. It’s So Much Fun!
c. It’s No Fun!
d. Summer Sand!

Why do you think the author did that?

2. Who would you prefer to be close friends with if you had to choose one of the four characters from this story? Why?

3. Why did Troubled think that Trogmire had been “very considerate”?

4. Why did Tantrum’s friends stare at him “in amazement”?


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