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Reading Comprehension
Volume 4, Number 23, March 8, 1999

Word Meanings From Context

Use the context to help you choose the correct meaning of each underlined word.


1. “Please,” growled Mr. Sanford, “don’t use the term ‘gross me out’ when referring to my delicious egg salad!”

a. a period of time
b. half a school year
c. knife or fork
d. word or phrase

2. The Camden School District and the Hamden School District will consolidate to become the Camden Hamden School District.

a. unite; become one
b. play games with words
c. feature more sporting events
d. teach important lessons

3. The child was injured while riding the poorly made bicycle. The parents sued the company that made the bike, claiming that the company should be held liable for their son’s doctor bills.

a. rich enough to pay
b. responsible
c. not very smart
d. unfairly

4. I hope our neighbors never have another party. Their guests can’t even get along with each other. The police had to come to break up an altercation that left ten people injured.

a. a rough game played without helmets
b. a dangerous snowmobile race
c. a noisy celebration
d. a fight

5. King Hussein was a benevolent leader who worked to improve the lives of his people.

a. kind
b. imaginary
c. evil
d. childish

6. With the help of some excellent doctors, she was able to recuperate and be her old healthy self.

a. breathe deeply
b. play soccer
c. stay in a hospital
d. get better

7. We became very worried about Richy when his sister described his bizarre behavior.

a. normal
b. intelligent
c. proper; correct
d. strange

8. The part of he planet we landed on could certainly be called a desert. Our instruments told us that it was devoid of water.

a. having none
b. having much
c. being wet or damp
d. having a lot of sand




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