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Reading Comprehension
Volume 4, Number 19, February 1, 1999

Troll Hearts

Tremor Troll and his friends, Tantrum Troll, Trogmire Troll, and Troubled Troll were playing in the snow. They had just walked up the sledding hill for what seemed like the hundredth time.
“This is so much fun!” Tremor said. “But tomorrow is going to be even better.”
“You’re not still thinking about the Valentine’s Day party and your sweetie-pooh, are you?” Trogmire asked in his most sarcastic tone.
“Every year around this time he falls in love with a girl in our class,” remarked Tantrum.
“Who is it this year?’ asked Troubled.
Tremor sat on his sled and stared at the sky. “It’s Toothless Troll,” he announced. “Her eyes are so very pink and her hair is so beautifully green, even greener than spoiled goldfish salad!”
“Stop it!” Tantrum wailed. He put his hands over his ears. “I can’t stand all this lovesicky romantic talk!”
“Remember last year when that girl kissed me at the party?” Troubled asked. He crossed his arms and shuddered. “Yuck, it was awful!”
Trogmire put his hand on Troubled’s shoulder to comfort him. “But you taught her a lesson. She almost passed out from your bad breath.”
“Yes, that’s true,” Troubled said, and he smiled proudly.
“Well, I’m giving every girl in class an insulting card,” Trogmire said. “Everyone except Trichina Troll.”
“Why aren’t you giving her a card?” asked Tantrum.
“Trogmire gazed at the snowy landscape and said, “I am giving her a card. I’m giving her a nice one.”

For Discussion:

Be prepared to point out the parts of the story that support your answer.

1. Tremor likes Toothless Troll a lot. How do you think Trogmire feels about that?

2. Does Tantrum Troll like girls?

3. How would you describe Troubled Troll?

4. How do you think his friends felt when Trogmire made his announcement about Trichina Troll?

5. Do you think that Tremor’s feelings for Toothless Troll will last for a long time?

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