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Reading Comprehension
Volume 4, Number 34, June 1, 1999

Read the selection without stopping to choose the correct missing words. Then read it again, pausing to underline the correct words. Finally, read the selection again to see if it makes sense.

The Splat Bug, Part II

Tremor Troll woke up to a beautiful spring morning. He saw the bright sunlight streaming through his window. He heard the birds singing their morning songs. Tremor took a deep breath and stretched a long stretch. It felt wonderful to be alive.
Then Tremor remembered the previous day. Sometimes a good night’s sleep helps your mind work out the __1__ you took to bed with you. However, Tremor still had his concerns about being accepted by the other kids.
Tremor Troll certainly wanted to be a normal troll. He needed to feel that he __2__. On the other hand, he figured everyone should have a right to be a little __3__. As his father would say: “Be unique, but don’t be a freak.”
And then there was that splat bug incident. That generated even more questions in Tremor’s mind about what it meant to be normal.
Tremor threw on some __4__ and ran to the kitchen for breakfast. His sister, Trendy Troll, was sleeping late as usual. His mother was still sleeping as well. Only his father was __5__ at the table.
“Dad, if I see a splat bug, do I have to step on it?” Tremor __6__.
Trauma Troll was just finishing a bowl of his favorite cereal, Lice Crunchies. “No, there’s no law about it. It’s just a nice little custom.”
“Do __7__ normal trolls step on any splat bug that they see?”
“I’d say so,” Trauma __8__. “Don’t worry about it, Tremor. You may __9__ even come across another splat bug. If I were __10__, my biggest concern right now would be eating a good breakfast.”
“Thanks, Dad. That’s good advice!” Tremor said as he opened the refrigerator.
In no time at all, Tremor was enjoying a meal of hard boiled crow eggs, moss muffins with frog egg jelly, and chocolate mole milk. At least he was having a normal breakfast.


1. bugs stars problems exercises
2. worried belonged dreamed was
3. awful simple sad different
4. pancakes clothes pajamas soap
5. snoring laughing sitting not
6. declared hoped asked discovered
7. all any these baby
8. requested asked wondered replied
9. never often sometimes always
10. me sleeping you playing


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